Where Love Brings Hope & Healing!

We All Need A Place To Belong

Everyone needs a place where they can

belong to a caring group of people who
will encourage them along the way.
We all need . . .

That’s what you’ll find at Chanute

Chanute Church of the Nazarene  (www.ChanuteChurch.com)
1313 West 14th Street at Plummer Avenue  •  Chanute, KS  66720  •  620-431-2040
Chanute Church of the Nazarene
Answers for questions
Forgiveness for the past
Hope for the future
Families are being changed by God’s love.  In
Jesus Christ we are finding joy and a purpose
for living!

You Can Experience God's Love

We invite you to come to Chanute Nazarene.
Here you can experience the same love of
God we enjoy.  Be our guest this Sunday!
You will find
excellent Sunday School classes
before a dynamic worship service.
Stepping Toward Your Dreams
Are you feeling overwhelmed
in different areas of your life?

This biblical  teaching will give you the tools you need
to get out of the mire you don’t want to walk in any longer and
experience the abundant life God has for you!

April 7 - May 21, 2013:

4-7  •  Getting UNstuck In My FAITH, Part 1
How To Have A Dynamic Faith

4-14  •  Getting UNstuck In My FAITH, Part 2
How to Move Through and Beyond Your Impossibilities

4-21  •  Getting UNstuck With My FRIENDS
How to Enjoy Healthy Relationships

4-28  •  Getting UNstuck In My FINANCES
How to Control Your Money Instead of It Controlling you.

5-5  •  Getting UNstuck In My FIELD
How to Get Ahead in your Work Place

5-12  •  Getting UNstuck In My FAMILY
How To Have a Loving, Forgiving, Healthy Family

5-19  •  Getting UNstuck In My FUTURE
How To Make The Rest Of Your Life The Best of Your Life